Overall Purpose of the Role:

New products RFQ, update & monitor NPI product costs, provide timely and accurate product costing for New Business Development & Business Growth.

Key Responsibilities: 

  • Work closely with various departments within the company (Portugal / India factories) to assist in the development of new product and quality specifications that provide products at the lowest achievable cost;
  • Validate the reasonableness, consistency  & accuracy of the Engineering BOM, suppliers’ quotation, product assembly time and investment provided by RFQ team (R&D, Engineering, Program Management, Sourcing...etc);
  • Provide on time product costing and reporting requested to maximize the business opportunities;
  • Validate & monitor new product costing (cost estimation/quotation/product cost update) at every stage of development and alert the team and management of the product costing status and inform the team to take actions to meet the product cost target;
  • Financial dashboard updating for all new developing products;
  • Support and utilise experience to aid best practice in the supplier process in conjunction with members of the purchasing team;
  • Liaise with purchasing department to provide continued feedback to ensure competitive pricing;

Job Requirement:

  • Education Degree: Bachelor Degree or above
  • Education Major: Industrial / Mechanical / Electrical / Manufacturing Engineering or related disciplines preferred;
  • Work Experience: At least 5 years of experience in the Manufacturing Industry with good exposure of Product Costing;


  • Good knowledge of material prices, manufacturing processes as well as some Finance knowledge;
  • Competent in providing cost and analysis such as various design options, new product cost and development cost;
  • Skilful in providing benchmarking activities of costing for management;
  • Able to deal with different levels of people in the organizations;
  • Good communication, analytical, interpersonal and strong business sense


Skills & Attributes:

  • Effective in problems solving, analytical, decisions making and supervisory skills;
  • Assertive, resilient and welcomes change;
  • Have a good working attitude, strong principles, initiative and independent learning awareness;
  • Good MS Excel / PowerPoint skills;
  • Fluent in English and Cantonese;
  • Results orientated and organised with the ability to deliver against deadlines


Other Requirements:

  • Ability to work under pressure to meet tight deadlines;
  • Frequent travel in Portugal / India will be required