Job description:

 Ensure the Security, Accuracy, Healthiness and Compliance of material (include finished goods) inventory in all factories of the company performing the following duties:

  1. Review, monitor and improve the factory security system with the site material audit committees to ensure adequate and consistent control of material (include finished goods and scraps) outflow from every factory. Standardize the system across all sites, as much as possible.
  2. Coordinate periodic material audit committee meetings at site level to review and improve the security, accuracy and healthiness of material.
  3. Provide periodic audit reports to the material audit committee at corporate level.
  4. Oversees inventory accuracy in every site and follow up improvement actions with site leadership and SCM leadership
  5. Oversees the inventory volume of each business. Monitor the trend and identify risky areas.
  6. Quantify the volume of slow-moving material (include finished products). Follow up settlement and corrective actions with relevant departments.
  7. Monitor and chase settlement of E&O material caused by order/ forecast changes or engineering changes with relevant departments.
  8. Help identify loopholes in material system that cause non-proportionate growth of material inventory against growth of sales.
  9. Monitor actual volume of safety stock against the policy and suggest where optimization of the policy should be considered for any material to balance the cost of inventory against risk of demand/ supply variations.
  10. Monitor whether there is abnormal consumption for any direct or indirect material. Follow up corrective actions with relevant departments.
  11. Work with relevant departments to ensure the effectiveness of system for complying the local customs regulations as well as compliance to the system. Join the periodic system audit and monitor implementation of the action plan.

Own/share the following KPIs:

  1. Second owner of material inventory turnover ratio (ITO). First owner is PMC Manager for each business.
  2. Average settlement time of material exposure disposition caused by engineering changes and order/ forecast changes.
  3. Average settlement time of E&O material.
  4. Second owner for “% of slow-moving material against sales turnover”. First owner is PMC Manager for each business.
  5. Second owner of “number of material leakage incidents”. First owner is the site leadership.

Job requirements:

  1. 15 years above experience, own performing material audit job or in-depth experience in PMC and show high interests to the material audit job.
  2. Good understanding and experience to the overall operation system of a manufacturing site, especially the processes/ systems for material management including production/ material planning and material flow.
  3. Good understanding to the SAP system, regarding PMC, warehouse process, and shipping process. Able to perform inventory data analysis and create reports by working with MIS and other departments.
  4. Experience to system audit and/ or understanding to the customs regulations of some countries (especially China) that the company is operating in will be an advantage.
  5. Good English communication and presentation, Chinese will be an advantage.
  6. Able to travel to Hayco’s various factories in different locations frequently, such as Portugal, Dominica republic.